About the Feast Beast

The Feast Beast’s Food Philosophy

Food not only sustains us but can be a great source of pleasure. I believe in food that is fresh, natural, and local. I avoid all artificial ingredients. Why bother when you can have the real thing? I buy local because it tastes better and is better for health and the local economy. Cooking on a budget requires me to be creative and resourceful. Not having much money has forced me to purchase ingredients thoughtfully and to eat less meat. Finally, I am not afraid of fat or salt- I embrace them.

For me food has been my passion, comfort, and livelihood. As the daughter of culinary professionals I grew up with a love and respect for food that has influenced me profoundly. There is nothing more enjoyable than preparing and eating food you love with people you love. Live to eat because it’s fun.

Personal Background

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. My people are New York Jews and Sicilans (which makes me an opinionated wine drinker). After recently graduating Clark University with a BA in Sociology, I moved to San Francisco, CA. I have been working in food service for several years and love to be around food and people. I am currently studying to become a sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild.


6 thoughts on “About the Feast Beast

  1. as both a relative and friend of the feast beast, i can attest to a) her cooking skills, b) her love of good food and good wine, c) her ingenuity in making her dollars stretch, and d) the assurance that while she’s a beast about feasting, that’s where the “beast” parallel ends.

    i hope to head north soon, or at least send my daughter up that way, to sample some of the feast beast’s culinary wonders soon. as my daughter is a bit of a “foodie” herself (as an eater, though not as a creator), she’s anxious to get up SF and get some of her cousin’s cooking. 🙂

  2. count me among the fortunate to know (and be related to) The Feast Beast. I have been the beneficiary of her scrumptious and adventurous cooking and baking on many occasions, and my only complaint is that she’s so far away!

    hey V, congratulations on your blog! I love the attitude — totally you, and the recipes. can’t wait for more — and I can’t wait for actual Thanksgiving when I get to see you and have your food. much love,
    auntie B

  3. You go Van! I will surely follow the Feast Beast and enjoy your witty and entertaining insights! And maybe even pick up a skill or two… if it’s even possible to teach me how to cook!

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