The Business of Baking

I trade food for goods and services that otherwise would not be available to me. This kind of resourcefulness is widely practiced in my family. My father is from Sicily where bartering and haggling are taught in kindergarten. My mother told me never to go anywhere empty-handed. This rule applies whether you’re visiting a friends house or picking up your car from the mechanic. Not only are people impressed and appreciative when you bring them food but they are more willing to go out of their way for you. In this case food is neither entirely selfish or generous, but a tool of exchange.

Recently my bartering led to a business opporunity. Word got out that I make killer biscotti and an inquiry was made as to whether or not they were for sale. Yes, they are now; and no, you can’t have the recipe.

In order of appearance: anise, cinnamon-sugar, and chocolate-orange.

Note: biscotti means “twice baked.” You bake the cookies in a log, slice, and bake a second time.


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