The Ovenless Series, Part I

The holidays are all about baking… unless you don’t have a working oven. Today I begin The Ovenless Series which will continue until my landlord gets her act together. Do not fear my ovenless friends. Yes, we can celebrate the holidays and everyday stove top.


Breakfast potatoes:

potatoes, cut

any kind of fat


salt & pepper

Preparation: put fat in skillet on medium-high heat. When hot add potatoes and spices. Cook until cripy on the outside and soft on the inside (about 10 minutes).


Spinach and blue cheese omelet:


cook spinach

blue cheese


salt & pepper

Preparation: Put skillet over low heat. Add butter. Whisk however many eggs you want to eat with salt and pepper. Omelets are traditionally three eggs but I can only eat two. Pour eggs into pan and swoosh around, gently scraping sides of pan. Add spinach and cheese to one side of eggs. Fold omelet over filling. Cook until just set.



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