Fear and Frustration

Cooking brings me joy but it can also be a struggle. Like all things in life, dishes do not always turn out as you had hoped or planned. When this happens I usually become frustrated and angry. Becoming angry with myself not only feels terrible but prevents me from figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it. As an act of love and care towards myself this has to stop. I am human, I make mistakes, I move on, and I am better. My mom says, “make different mistakes” and I like this better than “learn from your mistakes” because it sounds like less work; I feel free to make new mistakes and trust that the learning proces will occur organically.

Here is a comic I drew about a month ago when I went to war with granola…


2 thoughts on “Fear and Frustration

  1. And it does! In the kitchen, like everywhere else in life, one must be bold, willing to experiment, admit (temporary) defeat and move on. Enjoy the process.

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