Pumpkin Soup

I got home from work and made pumpkin soup. The pumpkin puree was left over from the ice cream- I hate throwing things away. We have cupcakes, ice cream, sorbet, and cookie dough in the house so I was not about to make more dessert.

My dear friend Rachael was my taste-tester. The apple was added last minute because we thought acidity would brighten the dish up. In the recipe I tell you to saute it in the beginning and you should.


pumpkin puree

chicken stock

apple (I used a gala- maybe you want to peel it but I did not)

red onion

heavy cream


fresh sage

olive oil

salt & pepper


Heat olive oil over medium flame in a pot. Throw in the apple, then onion, then garlic, then sage. Hit it with some salt & pepper. Cook until tender. Add pumpkin puree (maybe I had 3-4 cups). Add stock (maybe I had 4-6 cups). Like all soup: bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Puree using immersion blender or in small batches in a food processor or blender. Taste to adjust seasoning. Add some cream. Enjoy.

Notes: Let’s talk about one of my favorite tools, the immersion blender. I acquired this tool sometime during college from my parents. My parents have a surplus of kitchen gadgets they keep in the garage. This is where I shop for kitchen appliances. The immersion blender was one of my best finds. I just googled it and they seem expensive- maybe you can get one on ebay? Anyway they are a poor cook’s best friend. You can make soup out of the cheapest vegetables (or fruits) and add any spices. You can do this in one pot. Think on this.


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